Cloth Diapering…The Beginning

Some of you said we were crazy…ok, well most of you. But cloth diapering isn’t what it used it be. This is the beginning of my stash (for a newborn to 3-6 months) and it contains:

*2 dozen preemie unbleached Indian pre-folds
*2.5 dozen infant unbleached Indian pre-folds
*1 dozen capri unbleached Indian pre-folds
*1 dozen cloth wipes
*3 snappis 
*1 pack of disposable liners
*1 small Swaddlebees cover
*1 knitted wool cover
For those nosey rosies I only got blue for the covers because I’d put it on both a boy or girl…and NO…we don’t know what it is 🙂 
I’ll be adding to this with more covers as well as all-in-ones, and pocket diapers once we find out the sex. 
I’ve signed up for a cloth diaper registry at Nicki’s Diapers  for those who are interested. It’s under my name, and the event date is December. 

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