First Trimester

The first trimester was a breeze except for the ongoing exhaustion. I only got nauseous a couple times a week if that, but came home every day from school and went to bed at 7pm. 

The ultrasound is from my first doctors appointment at 10 weeks. The baby measured exactly on track for my due date. He/she is head down in the picture with leg and arm buds barely visible. 
We didn’t get to hear the heartbeat but we did get to see it, and he/she was again at what a baby at this gestational age should be. 🙂 
After about 10 weeks I definitely didn’t fit into a lot of my clothing and spandex/elastic has definitely been my friend since then. Also, after about 10 weeks my exhaustion went away and I was able to stay up longer and complete more tasks during the day. I’m definitely glad that those 13 weeks are over and I’m well into my second trimester and feeling pretty good.

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