As many of you know I knit, and have recently taken to knitting baby items. I’ve only knit one baby thing before, and that was a blanket for our friend Johanna. It turned out fairly well, but was simple as I didn’t know what else to do at the time since I had just begun knitting. 

I’ve recently complete 2 items. One is a knit wool soaker for cloth diapers (which we plan on using…more in another post), and another is a sweater I finished today. It was supposed to be a hooded sweater but I ran out of yarn and couldn’t complete the hood, so it’s got a cute little collar. I’m not quite sure what age or when/if the baby will be able to wear it but it keeps me busy during the day. 
My next project will be a knitted version of  BabyLegs, so we’ll see how that goes! I’ll be updating on here as I go, and complete.  A photo of the knitted soaker can be see on my Facebook page. 

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