Baby pants, squadron fun, and Bahamas

Baby bell bottoms have been completed after taking a few days off to enjoy some squadron fun.

The Skipper and XO (XO was in Fallon when Gary had his mishap) of the Weapons School came down from Norfolk with their families to meet those of us who are new to Jax, and enjoy some good food. I’m not one to bring a camera everywhere (which maybe I should change) but we went to Camp Blanding on Friday and had a BBQ. A couple families in the squadron have boats, and it’s much better to have friends with boats than to have a boat yourself :). Gary tooled around out on the lake, but I stayed on shore under the shade but still managed to get red. I had a great time catching up with some of the ladies and pigging out on grilled yummies.
Saturday was a dinner/linner/lunch at the OIC’s house. Skipper’s dad catches lobster up in Maine and had some flown down for the occasion. It was a nice final meal, and nice to finally meet Skipper and XO.
Gary then had to leave for the Bahamas Sunday morning before the sun came up, so it’s now time to get some things done while he’s gone (more to come on this).

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