A Busy Week

Gary has been gone in the Bahamas for work and I took this time to do some sprucing up around the house. I started on the guest bathroom and scraped the awful popcorn ceiling, retextured, and painted. We’re slowly going through every room in the house and retexturing the ceilings for a potential equity builder incase we decide to sell when we’re finished in Jax.

Below are pictures of the whole process…all that’s left is to install crown moulding but I couldn’t do that alone and needed Gary’s help.
Sort of a red, white and blue themed room…though I think it looks much better in person and will looked finished/complete when the crown moulding goes up.
I also caught up on my gardening this week, and not a moment too soon. When we first moved in the front looked like this with random plants then ended up dying off pretty much as soon as we moved in. I ripped all of that out and planted again but didn’t take into consideration the amount of sun and the upcoming summer heat. This was the fruits of my labor…I was so proud!
Well…I ended up killing all of those pretty flowers off. Ugh. And we started getting notices about the unsightly weeds growing in their place. I finally decided to put some plants in there that would hopefully be able to survive the Florida summers as well as the colder winters of Jax. This is what came out of my new plantings:
Most of these should fill out the area and survive the hot hot summer. They’re not as colorful as the initial planting but I’m hoping they’ll be a bit lower maintenance.

One thought on “A Busy Week

  1. Wow, great job mama! I would tackle either of those jobs NOT pregnant! The crown moulding in the bathroom will really make the blue walls pop, and I like the new plant life. The muted colors will look great for fall.

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