Ahhh the Bahamas

Soo this post is for everyone who thinks that Navy sponsored trips to the Bahamas are a good time. For those who don’t know, there is 1 fun island that everyone is referring to when they mention vacations in the Bahamas…Nassau. Guess which island the Navy decided to build it’s test facility on…??? Andros. It’s about 20 miles from Nassau and there is no transit between the 2 for those of us down there on the Navy dime.

So when I get to spend 10 days in the Bahamas, I really mean that I get all the heat, humidity and 2nd world living of a small island close to the equator without all the million dollar resorts, amenities, and nice beaches. A good way to describe AUTEC is to imagine what a Navy base in the PI looked like in WWII and viola’. (The only thing missing are Avengers and Hellcats flying overhead.)
While Becki was going crazy making the bathroom look awesome I was stuck in a building with no windows and 1 door wishing I was home with the family.
The following are some pictures in case anyone prefers visuals. Captions are below the pics.

The beach in all it’s majesty.

The hot spot of the island.

Very tropical.

A view from the Beach…right behind the building…

The Flightline as viewed from the room.

Here is the flightline.

Here is the blockhouse parking lot. Obviously Golf Carts are the primary method of transportation.

Here is the building with no windows where we spend most of the time on the island.

Remind you of WWII??

Here is a view from the room.

Here is the room in all its glory.

Main Street AUTEC.

Here is a view from the other side of the room. More hangar…

Map of the local Island.

VIP parking at it’s best.

Here is the list of Flights from the Terminal.

Welcome to Andros International Airport.

Primary method of getting onto the island…C-130.

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