It’s raining babies!

Last Friday I was lucky enough to meet up with some of my wonderful aunties and cousins as well as some old (not in the age sense…well…ok, yes…some of you are “older”) family friends for an amazing baby shower thrown by my Aunt Nancy.

I couldn’t have asked for a better time! I got to reconnect with those I haven’t seen in a while and catch up. Gary got subjected to family time, and they all loved him. 🙂 I appreciate his willingness to endure my family, because we do put the “fun” in dysfunctional.
The shower was held at Pompilios, which is famous for some scenes shot from the film “Rainman” with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. I haven’t been there in ages, and of course the food was still delish as always.
My cousin Karla made the cake, and I was happy to have everyone show up.
Thank you to Joe, Barb, Gina, Jeannine, Aunt Nancy, Aunt Linda, Aunt Laura, Cousin Kate, Cousin Linda, Cousin Karla, Mom and Emmy for making this a special night!

Kentucky Baby Shower


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