New "Old" Fluff!

Since deciding we wanted to use cloth diapers I wanted to find the best deals possible to really make it cost effective (it would if we bought all new, but it’s always good to save a few $$). I’ve been keeping an eye on and the For Sale or Trade (FSOT) on I found another Navy mama who was switching over from fitteds and covers to pockets and all-in-ones and selling off some gently used diapers.

I ended up getting a great deal on 5 fitteds and 2 covers and am excited to use them. Three of them are one size (which means they’ll fit hopefully birth to potty training depending on the size of our baby) and 2 of them are smaller sized (which still should fit for at least the first 3-4 months if not longer). The covers are XS and should work for the first 3-4 months also, again, depending on the size of the baby.
I’m excited because we also sold off our boy bedding to Frank and Tina who found out they’re having a boy (yay!!!) so I was able to order some new dipes, covers and accessories off Nicki’s Diapers. I can’t wait to get them in and will probably post pictures as well. This should complete my stash for at least the first year and a half if not the full diaper wearing time. When it’s all said and done we’ve spent less than $500 which is 1/3 the cost of disposables. Not only do we have cute diapers, but we have an investment if we have another child. They’re also able to be resold to make back at least half if not more of what we originally paid.
In the picture are: (back row) Goodmama fitteds, (second row) B is for Bebe small fitted and BusyBHive small (I think) fitted, (front row) Bumkins XS covers.

2 thoughts on “New "Old" Fluff!

  1. I have heard that the downfall to the cost effectiveness of cloth diapers is that they're so darn cute you end up buying way more than you actually need. I think I can see that happening to you, Becki 🙂

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