My stash is here!

I finally got in all of the cloth diapers I’ll be needing for the little one for the first year, if not until potty training.

A friend of mine is considering cloth and I decided to post what I decided to get on here so she can see.
I decided to not buy a whole lot of one type, not knowing which would work best on the kid and I wanted to be able to sell some, or buy more of one type if I found something didn’t work for us.
The main staple of the system is going to be prefolds and covers while we’re at home, as well as fitteds. I posted about the fitteds I got here so I won’t go into it again, but I wanted to go through everything and give an idea of what we’ve got.
Changing cart with wet bag. All I need to get is a changing table pad and we’ll be set. This will be wheeled into our bedroom while the baby stays there the first couple months.
Another view, inside door is all prefolds and disposables. Drawer has snappis, creams, and grooming/healthcare items.
Disposable liners and nursing cover on top rack. Middle rack: cloth wipes, covers, fitteds and their doublers. Bottom rack: Pockets with their doublers and AIO (all-in-ones).
Preemie (for doublers and misc uses), Infant, and Premium sized prefolds. Disposable diapers in the back.
The whole collection
Bum Genius one sized, AIO. We’re hoping this diaper will be used when we’re out and about as well as if the kid is with a sitter. It’s easy to use, very similar to a disposable.
Inside of Bum Genius
Fuzzi Bunz One Size Pocket Diaper. I’m excited to use this diaper because of the adjustable leg elastic (shown below), hopefully it’ll be a good fit.
Inside of FB OS Pocket.
Detail of adjustable leg elastic (it also came with another set of elastic for replacing if these go bad for some reason).
FB OS Pocket doublers
Haute Pockets One Sized Pocket diaper. The only adjustment here is snaps for the rise and the waist, but a slightly different style than the FB.
Inside of HP OS Pocket.
HP OS Pocket doublers.
Thirsties Duo Diaper Cover, Size 1. These are new from Thirsties and fit from 6-18lbs, so I’m hoping these become one of our go-to covers.
Inside of the Duo Cover
Thirsties cover with prefold trifolded inside.
Thanks for looking 🙂

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