Birthing Class

We had our first birthing class last night (Bradley Method), and it was actually pretty fun. It was nice to meet some other women from the area, and this sort of seems like the last step in the pregnancy. I know I’m getting excited, and I know Gary is about meeting our little girl.

We’ve also decided to change doctors. I hadn’t been feeling too comfortable with how things were going, but didn’t have any idea of what I could switch to or who to go to, but I found a new doctor out in town who really seems to be on top of things. One other women in the birthing class is going to her, and the teacher delivered one of her children with her as well. I think what I’m most excited about is Gary will have the opportunity to help catch the baby (if he so desires…he might be a little nervous about this, he kept making Heisman trophy poses 🙂 ).
We’ll also be changing hospitals that we’re delivering at, so now it’ll be St. Lukes of Jacksonville.

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