Organization…or Being Type-A

I like to think of myself as “Type-A” but if you ask Gary he’ll say I’m a “control freak” or something of that nature. šŸ™‚ I like to be organized and everything in it’s place without a whole lot of clutter.

This being said, we finally got around to putting the closet organizer in the baby’s room this weekend. We decided to do this because we put one in the master closet and figured this would be one good upgrade we could do to the other rooms as well incase we want to sell the house when we eventually move. Gary did a great job of putting it together and I was excited because I got to use my label maker (it’s the little things in life).
Attached are a couple pics of the finished project as well as my lovely labeling for the dresser too. I figured since we’ll have family over, as well as Gary who won’t know my crazy organization it would be helpful for everyone (even me when I’m frazzled) to have things organized. Whether they stay like this when the baby comes…I can’t say, but I’m happy that it looks nice now.

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