Another low key holiday at the Pembletons! My mom and Michele came up for Thanksgiving, and Gary’s mom and sister ended up showing up later in the evening as well. Gary’s sister just moved across the country to Wellington, FL to train horses for an olympic trainer and his mom helped her move this past week. My mom and Michele came up to eat some turkey help with some of the trimmings. The meal wasn’t big, but simple which was nice because clean-up was a cinch and we had plenty of time to chat/visit.

Here are some pics from the day!
Our tree we put up this past week…we figured we better get it up early incase the baby comes.

At this point I don’t feel very photogenic, but at least Gary is.

Gary looks slightly awkward in this…

Mom, Michele, Gary and I

Our spread…simple but delicious!

Gary carving the yummy turkey

Mom making potatoes, we had close to 8lbs of mashed potatoes…some would say that’s a lot of potatoes.

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