Clothes and Carriers

I was excited to get the mail yesterday as the UPS guy dropped off my new Ergo baby carrier. Unfortunately it’s not like the wrap and won’t currently fit around my huge belly, but Gary got to try it out and he’s excited to use it. I think we’ll probably use the Moby wrap at home, and the Ergo when we go out. We also got the infant insert (right) that looks like a little papoose carrier with lots of padding. Hopefully the baby likes it!

Yesterday I also finished knitting the pants that we’re going to bring her home in, finally completing the outfit. I realized I hadn’t finished them and now being less than 2 weeks out I figured it was something I better get done. She’ll be sporting the hand-knit pants, kitty sweater (kitty face on hood) from Gymboree and pink socks. That is, unless she for some reason happens to be a boy and then we’re screwed 🙂

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