Ari’s First Vacation

A very good friend of mine, Lindsey who I knew in Japan had her first baby in February. Her husband is in the Marines and took an IA job in Afghanistan and wasn’t able to be there for Ella’s birth. I wanted to see Lindsey and meet Ella, and since Gary was going to be gone we hopped on a plane to see them.

Lindsey lives in a smallish town about an hour and a half northwest of Boston called Rutland which is about half an hour away from Worcester. She and Scott bought a beautiful house, with plenty of room. Arabella and I felt at home 🙂 We got to meet Lindsey’s family as well since they lived in the next town over.
Ella turned 1 month while we were there, and she is adorable! She looks exactly like Lindsey when she was a baby, and Lindsey is gorgeous so I know Ella’s going to be just like her mommy.
We mainly just hung out, went to a couple cloth diaper/natural baby stores and she showed me the area.
I also got a chance to head down to Rhode Island to visit another friend of ours from Japan who had her first baby about a week after Arabella was born. TJ and Sarah showed us around Newport (where Gary has the potential to go for one of his tours) and we caught up on things. Newport is gorgeous, and I’m excited at the possibility of going there.
Arabella did great on the trip, she only fussed a little while on the second flight going up to Boston, but other than that she was perfect. She was easy to travel with and I was able to zip around with my small carry on and her strapped to me (both in the ring sling, and my wrap). I sat next to some very nice people who didn’t mind when she did fuss, and everyone around the airports thought she was so cute. 🙂
With all the bad press towards babywearing lately, I encountered nothing but wonderful comments from strangers. Most said how comfortable and snug she looked, and how easy it looked to have her like that. It truly is beneficial not only for the baby but for parents as well.
Here are a few pics from the trip! I didn’t take much, but the full set can be found on the photo site…hopefully I’ll have time to upload tonight, if not look for them soon.
On our first flight with a sleepy baby. She nursed in the terminal and slept through the entire flight!
Ella and Arabella, they’re actually almost the same length. Ella is going to be a tall one!
TJ and Arabella. TJ’s parents biked with us in Japan, so we know she’ll have a biking buddy when she gets older.
On the Cliff Walk in Newport…the homes and scenery were gorgeous.
Arabella wrapped up for our walk around the neighborhood in front of Lindsey’s house.

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