Slacking on the Updates!

I’m very much a slacker when it comes to updating the blog, but we’ve been super busy around here and now that Arabella is sleeping and Gary is away in Fallon I have a chance to take a moment to catch up.

Arabella is now almost 3 months old, I meant to update this when she turned 2 months but I was busy getting ready for our first trip together. We went to the Strawberry Festival, and then the following week left to visit Lindsey and her new addition Ella in Massachusetts. I’ll post something separate about our trip, but wanted to do a quick update here. Also, tomorrow my dad comes in to meet Ari for the first time and we’re very excited!
Gary has been away at his first air wing Fallon event, and this is our longest without him around. Though I’ve been away for part of that time the 3 weeks haven’t flown by like I hoped they would. This is a good start for preparing us for upcoming deployments though during our next tour. We knew this would be part of the job though, but it doesn’t make it any easier.
Pictures have been uploaded to the photo site from her first Disney trip as well as her second month, so check out that when you have a chance. I’ll be uploading pictures from her third month in the beginning of April.

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