Coming Soon…

Hopefully some updates!

I don’t want to say that having a baby is making me busier than I thought (I knew it would be hectic) but blogging has definitely not been in the forefront.
We’ve been doing a lot of fun things lately, and I’m hoping to keep updating on here as to how we’re doing as a family but also spotlight things that I’ve been going through as a new mom. I’m also hoping Gary will post on his thoughts as a new dad.
I’ll be putting up some links to parenting/mom blogs I follow, as well as links to websites, articles, etc.
I feel that I’ve really come into my own, and couldn’t have imagined that our life would be filled with the happiness it is. Things were great before, but Arabella has given us that little something extra.
And a thanks to Tristan for reminding me about the blog 🙂 she’s going to use my pre-fitted tutorial to make some of her own. She’s been my sewing buddy, along with Jen, recently and we’ve been creating some fun things.
Thank you everyone for your patience with the blog, I’m still learning time management and hope to keep up with this on a more regular basis.

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