Did you know you have a baby on your back? or The Joy of Babywearing

Last summer when I was hitting the middle of my pregnancy, we attended a squadron picnic where one of the wives was wearing their toddler in what I think was an Anglepack LX. I asked her about it and she promptly turned me onto the world of babywearing. She suggested The Babywearer as a place to get started.

Holy cow! What was all this!? I was hooked!

It started with a Moby, black, from Craigslist.com that I got from another mama who couldn’t use it because of severe back problems. I wrapped my pregnant belly up, and put the cat in to test it out. The cat was happy, and if the cat liked it how could a baby not?

The first week home, helping mama on the laptop

And she did, she loved it…but I didn’t.  I wanted to be able to just pop her in and out when I went shopping, I didn’t want to have to wrap myself up every time I wanted to wear her (little did I know I would come to love wrapping later on).

The Moby left our house, the same way it entered. Looking back I hope that it opened the babywearing door for that mama too.

At the same time we got the Moby we also bought an Ergo. To this day both Gary and I love this carrier. This is what kept us babywearing. The ease of use, and the ability to wear her from birth to 40lbs were the selling points. When the fussy evening time rolled around we could strap her in and dance, walk, sway, bounce, and lull her to sleep. She could hear my heartbeat and I could feel her breath on my chest. This is the way it should be.

Gary with 1 week old Arabella 


3 week old Arabella 

7 months
After the Ergo came the ring sling, woven wrap, and mei tai (may tie). At this point we had found other people who had a love of babywearing too. Mamas and dads that had worn their children, passing on tips and tricks to help us along. 
People have been wearing their babies for thousands of years, and here we were just discovering something that had been a way of life. The first stroller wasn’t invented  until 1733, so what did people do? They carried their babies! 
Here is a Flickr slideshow of native babywearing. Absolutely beautiful. 
This week is International Babywearing week, and we plan on celebrating this amazing tradition and hopefully passing it on to others. 

We urge you to take time to know how to babywear properly, and choose safe carriers made by reliable individuals/companies. This week the CPSC is coming out with another recall of carriers. See the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance for more information, and ideas of what you can do to let people know that babywearing is safe and good for babies. 

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