Home is where the Navy sends us

We got quite the shock last week, we knew it was a possibility…heck any location is a possibility with the Navy but we didn’t think this would actually happen. Now, of course with all things Navy there is room for change, even last minute but I think this is a done deal.

Our next duty station will be…


Huh? Guam? Where the heck IS Guam?

Guam is about 3 hours by plane south of Tokyo, northeastish of the PI, and smack dab in the middle of the Pacific. Awesome.

If you know anything about me you know that I don’t care much for the beach, or hot weather (it doesn’t get below 70 degrees there). Again, awesome.

But, after the initial shock wore off we started to brainstorm all the positives. We came up with quite a bit, and another overseas tour (we were in Japan previously to being in Jacksonville) sounds appealing. Though potentially even better since Guam is a US territory and we get all the benefits of being overseas with the military as well as being in the US.

We don’t have a definite time frame but Gary will probably go out in the fall sometime and I’ll follow in January. Because we took advantage of the $8000 tax credit from the government we have to keep our Jax house as our primary residence for 3 years. Gary will be able to get settled, and I’ll be able to get the house ready for renters and the cats ready to go. Guam is rabies free so we have to jump through a few hoops but they’ll be able to join us.

Some other details: Gary will be with HSC-25, and we just had some people we know check out of there. From what we hear it is a great group of people, so we’re excited to have a good base of support there. We will be living on Andersen AFB, which is a plus since the Air Force tends to do a better job with the quality of life stuff than the Navy.

So there you go, I’ll probably be posting more about the whole PCS (permanent change of station) process since I really didn’t blog in Japan. As well as some other new things in the works (lots of blog drafts, little blogging time).

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