Sunday Ritual

We don’t have many things we do on a regular basis here in Guam, and its about time we started. We aren’t beach people. I think we went to the beach only when people were visiting us in Jax, so coming to Guam was going to force us to go to the beach.

After being here almost 4 months, we found our Sunday ritual. The hotels down in Tumon (the touristy section along a shallow bay) offer yearly memberships to their pools with discounts on food as well. We decided to try out the Hyatt, one of the more popular hotels to get membership at. Gary and I had actually stayed at the Hyatt when we visited here while stationed in Japan.

Lush landscaping and a few different pools, as well as beach access with showers really  made this a good option for us. We can go to the beach and have the beach experience while still being able to shower, and have a bite to eat. Their kiddy pool is covered, and the main pools have waterfalls and a couple slides.

Now, every Sunday we pack up the kids, grab coffee/breakfast on the way down and spend a few hours relaxing in the water. Arabella has always been a little wary of the water, and we figured this would be a good way to get her comfortable as well as starting Alex off on the right foot.

This past Sunday we didn’t go to the beach. We give Arabella the option of whether or not she wants to go and she wanted to stay at the pool. Maybe next time!

Breakfast by the pool
 Ready to get in!
 Alex finds Arabella fascinating 
 Lunch and drinks. Alex has been passed out for a good while in my lap
 Leaving for the day, she insisted on bringing her backpack and is proud to wear it
She loves the koi 

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