A little about me

I’ve always had the love of travel. From an early age my mom took me all over the country, from hiking the Grand Canyon to the lights of New York City. My first foreign trip was in middle school when I traveled to France to stay with a French family, and see the country with my French class. After that it was back to Europe again in high school, still continuing to travel the country with family. 

In college I studied in Australia and fell in love with the country, which is still one of my most favorite places to visit. 

After college I met my husband who is a helicopter pilot in the US Navy. Our first duty station was in Ayase, Japan at NAF Atsugi. It was here that I picked up my love for sewing again. My love for sewing started probably at the same time as my love for travel. My grandmother taught me to sew by hand from a young age. I sewed skirts, and dresses by hand growing up but didn’t buy my first machine (a cheap Singer from the Navy Exchange) until we were stationed in Japan. Part of me wishes I would have known what great little stores there are there (though expensive) but we’re hoping to go back one day, and that will just have to wait. 

We’ve had many moves with the Navy, Jacksonville Florida after Japan, and now Guam. We leave Guam in a month for Monterey, California and are very excited. I’m looking forward to the conveniences of being back on the mainland and cooler weather. 

In between all of this we’ve managed to add two amazing kids to our family, who are now the recipients of most of my sewing. Along with 2 cats who have an affinity for fabric, ribbon and anything they aren’t supposed to have our little family is complete for now. 



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