Monterey! We’re here!

We’ve been in Monterey about a month and a half now. All of our things have been delivered from the movers, and I’m finally unpacked. Gary is still in Guam for a little while longer, we opted to apply for advance travel for the kids and I. While I love our family being together, this was better for my mental health and sanity.

It took about 24 hours of travel time, and flights from Guam to Honolulu to Los Angeles to San Franciso but we made it in one piece! The kids did amazing, and everything went off without a hitch. Here are so pictures from our day of travel:


Honolulu Airport

Having fun with her new wheelie carry-on in Hawaii. We walked up and down the terminal taking turns pulling Arabella and Alex. I had thought about getting one of these initially and I wish I would have. The suitcase is called a Trunki and can be found here:

I wish I could have sat next to each of them, but this was the best solution for traveling alone. This is on the flight from Guam to Hawaii.


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