Pt. Piños Tidepools

On Saturday we went to the Pt Piños tidepools in Pacific Grove. Pacific Grove is the next town over close to the beach, and really only a few miles from where we are. We met up with other famillies that are part of a group here called “No Child Left Inside-Monterey”. Great group of people, very welcoming as this was our first outing with them.

We didn’t get to stay very long as Arabella’s attention span wasn’t holding long enough to listen to the marine biologist (one of the other parents) that had come to talk. We had fun exploring on our own and got to hold little crabs, snails and touch kelp. Arabella has a thing about sand and the beach…apparently the apple does fall far… so we wondered around for a bit and then headed home to have lunch and so Alex could take his nap. I can’t wait till Gary gets here so Alex can explore too, because he sort of gets the raw end of the deal riding on my back and not getting down to roam. I only have two hands and for safety, this is our best option.

Here are a few pictures I was able to snap with my phone. Right now I’m stuck to using my phone until I can unearth our good camera. It seems to not be appearing and we may have to file a claim for it.



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