Specialized Helicopters Tour

Today we got to go up to Specialized Helicopters (http://www.specializedheli.com) in Watsonville to tour their hanger, and learn a little about helicopters and airplanes. They offer a lot of different flights/tours/training and were the people I started talking to here to find out how Gary could get his CFI and CFII (civilian instructor ratings). Chris who is the chief pilot was generous enough to show us around for about an hour and let the kids climb in a Cessna and a Bell Ranger. I can’t wait till Gary gets here, and we can take him up to see their spaces. I’m already planning a date morning for us where we can go fly for a little bit and have some quality couple time.

I finally got around to filing our claim for our camera, and ordered a new mirrorless Nikon V1 with a few lenses. The V1 isn’t made any more, but I got a great deal on a refurbished body from a reputable eBay seller, and 3 lenses and filters from Adorama. I’m disappointed I didn’t have them for today, but will definitely do a review and post pictures from it. I’m looking forward to the small/lightweight size but some advanced capabilities beyond just your normal point and shoot.

Here are some iphone shots from today:


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