Gary dives Guam

You probably wonder what Gary is doing on Guam now that we aren’t there, or you’re probably so enthralled with reading all of our exciting posts l pCalifornia that you don’t care mms(sorry Gary). Either way, this post is about Gary!
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He just completed his Advanced mmnmdxqqoklmmDiver certification after getting his Open Water cert from PADI. I’m glad he got this, so hopefully when the kids are a little bit older (I think the min age is 10) we can all go diving. I’ve been Open Water certified since 2000, but haven’t gone much after college because we’ve been busy doing other things. I’m happy that he has something to keep him occupied besides the video games that he always plays, he does need some fresh air every once in a while. 🙂

Hopefully he’ll come and post some about his diving because he’s a much better writer than I am and is the one doing it. For now, here are some pictures he took from our GoPro during his advanced class and some other just for fun dives.


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