Deer Flats Park

We like to try out new parks in the area since Monterey has a lot of great parks. I’m going to try and do a post for each park we visit (or revisit so I can grab some pictures).

First up is Deer Flats Park. We love this park because we can walk to it from the house, and Arabella loves it because the park has wood chips. She isn’t a big fan of sand, so the other park near our home (Fisherman’s Flats Park) is usually a no go.

The walk to this park is a hike, we have to go up a huge hill to get into the neighborhood, so I get a workout. Arabella has walked the hill once, but now wants to ride in the stroller. Smart kid! Deer Flats Park has a huge grassy area with a baseball backstop (tennis or whiffle balls only) and a small basketball court. There is a play structure that both kids can have fun on, and Alex is learning how to master the ladder. Two big kid swings and two little kid swings are perfect for us. We’re usually the only ones at the park when we go, so sharing hasn’t been an issue. The kids also love to walk on the raised curb that goes around the park, trying to balance all the way around. I can sit in one spot and watch all the action from the sunny bench. I should have gotten more pictures of the park in general, but this is our quick go-to park in the afternoons, so we’ll be back.


One thought on “Deer Flats Park

  1. Those two are so big now! I’m glad you’re getting out and loving your new ‘hood šŸ™‚ I still think they should have sent you guys to DC, though!

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