Bias Tape (of the double fold variety)

I always buy double fold bias tape, well, I did until now. I’ve had this bias tape maker for a while but was a little too scared to try it out. It is made by Clover  and I have the 1/2″ and the 1″ which is my new favorite right now. I’m definitely going to be making my own bias tape from now on, I didn’t know how easy it was. I think the most time consuming part will be the cutting of the strips and sewing them together but having custom made colors and prints is definitely worth it.

The instructions are simple. Cut to the width specified on the instruction sheet (for 1″ you cut to 1 7/8″) on the bias. If you want a long strip you sew together the pieces to your desired length and then put it through the maker. I had to use a little something to get it started feeding through, but once the end was out the other side it was easy. I just had my iron ready and ironed the folded pieces down as it came out of the maker, and then ironed it folded in half. Voila! Double fold bias tape!

Here are some pictures of my first time trying it out. I’m making piggy bias tape for my daughters next dress.


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