Homemade Playdoh

Most of the time I’d rather take the time to make something for my kids to use than buy it. There are times that I get lazy and prefer the opposite, especially when I’m the only one parenting and time is hard to come by. But, I’ve been wanting to make homemade playdoh for the kids for a while now but have never gotten to it, until last week. I finally remembered to buy the ingredients, and both kids helped in the kitchen (something I want to happen more often when Gary gets here).

I used the recipe from EcoCrazyMom, and it turned out really well. Some of the colors didn’t turn out as vibrant as hers but next time I might use two packs of kool-aid instead of 1. The recipe was simple, flour, salt, kool-aid, boiling water and a little bit of oil. Combine and kneed, and you have playdoh.

After making it we got out kitchen tools so they could cut, roll, scoop and pretend. Alex only tried to eat it once 🙂


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