Monterey Bay Whale Watching

Last Saturday we jumped on a boat and did a whale watching tour in Monterey Bay. This is the season for humpback, and blue whales as well as sometimes Orcas. Dolphins frequent the bay as well as interesting other animals. We used the company Monterey Bay Whale Watch, and they provided a good description of the area as well as the things were seeing. You can check out images from our trip from their photographer here.

This was the kids first experience with a large boat, and Alex’s first time ever on a boat. They were both skeptical at first, but once we started seeing whales they perked up. Though, after about an hour and a half they were ready to do something else. Unfortunately we were stuck on the boat for another 2-3 hours! They did great, but were definitely ready to get back to the dock when it was over.

We saw humpback whales including a mother and calf, Risso’s dolphins, a sunfish or mola mola, sea lions, jellyfish, and otters. Here is a sampling of the photos we took from the trip.


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