Margaret Bags

Ive completed the first two “Margaret” Bags and they’re so cute. It makes me smile to work with the fabric, it’s so bright and cheerful which I imagine Margaret would have been like. I didn’t get a chance to meet her as we had moved from Jacksonville, but from the pictures I have seen she was all smiles.

If you don’t remember these bags were made in memory of Margaret Palmer, she was 2 months when she passed and will never be forgotten. Heather, her mama, was my doula for my son’s birth which left me down and broken. She really helped me tremendously through my post partum until we had to leave for Guam.

I’m slow going on the bags. I work on them when I can and when the other WAHM has time to dye for me. Shanna is amazing in her own right and you should definitely check her out over at Shanna’s Tie Dye on Etsy and she also has a Facebook page. She’s another military wife and mama to 4 boys.

Details about the bags: Black Kona Cotton accents/interior and main fabric Kona Cotton white dyed by Shanna. Pattern is by Fishsticks Designs, the Mama Baby Bag.

You can also keep up to date on my goings on from my Facebook page, The Nomadic Sewist.

Photos here, since I apparently deleted them from my computer.



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