Earthbound Farm Stand

We had a chance a couple weeks ago to visit the Earthbound Farm Stand, walk around their grounds and have a bite for lunch. This was really a great little place to have a light lunch, and enjoy the great weather. The stand is located on the way or in Carmel Valley. When the weather isn’t so nice on the peninsula you can drive out east and get bright clear skies and sunny days. The day we went was no exception.

The grounds hold a garden for their small cafe, berry patch, sunflowers, an herb garden where you can pick your own herbs, a children’s garden as well as other random plots. They also have a grassy area with tables for eating lunch and Redwood trees for climbing around in.

Nomadic boy loved the teepee in the children’s garden, we all got a chance to sit inside the cool shade on some little stones/wood they had inside. We toured the alphabet planters, walked the herb garden and pointed out all the different plants to the kids.

Our lunch was soup, and some sandwiches made to order at their small cafe. They usually have a selection of soup, a sandwich of the day and a small kids menu. They also have soft serve, and coffee. Their small store offers bottled drinks, snacks, produce and gifts.


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