Heavy Heart

Life as a military aviator spouse is hard sometimes. Deployments, detachments, TAD/TDY, late nights at the office, duty, you name it…we’ve experienced it. Then comes the serious stuff. Loosing someone close to you. My husband has experienced this, but this was my first time. Our neighbors in our first duty station at NAS Atsugi in Japan experienced what I never want any spouse to experience, the death of her husband. You can read the latest article here, but I can tell you a little bit about the Jones Family.

Landon and Theresa were quick to welcome us into the folds of HS-14. They had already been there a while and Theresa was happy to show me around. Landon liked to work out, lift weights, and loved cars. It was always joked that he complained about everything..”meh, this ice cream is too cold”, “meh, this beach is too sandy”. If we were wanting to jokingly complain about something it was always in Landon Style. After Japan they settled in Florida and had their first child. I was always welcomed to stay with them, for as long as I needed when I’d pass through the area. They were living in California when Landon passed. We hadn’t gotten a chance to see them since we moved here, but Theresa had her second child while Landon was deployed, a child he only got to meet via video chat.

If you’d like to help out the Jones Family you can do so in person, via check or PayPal.

Contributions can be made in person at any Navy Federal Branch, through Paypal, or by mailing a check directly to Navy Federal.

The address is 555 Saturn Blvd., Suite C, San Diego, CA 92154. Please make checks payable to “Landon Jones Memorial Fund”.

The Paypal account is: landonjonesmemorialfund@gmail.com


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