Air Force Inns-Gilly Houses

I don’t think many civilians know that there are special hotel/lodging that military can stay in, even when on vacation. We opted to stay at the Air Force Inn on March ARB since it would give us room to spread out and a quiet place for Nomadic Son to chill when it was nap time. First, we were placed in 2 adjoining rooms in their main lodging area since there were 4 of us. We had great space, and we were only charged for 1 room which was nice and at a significant savings from local hotels. But, with this significant savings you get the wondrous thing that is military management. Sometimes the saying “you get what you pay for” really rings true.

We would have been happy with our first rooms, but the first night there presented us with wet floors in the morning from a leak in the ceiling from the AC unit. When I first made the reservations the woman on the phone told me about these “Gilly Houses” but one wasn’t available when we checked in so we were content with a couple of adjoining regular rooms. With the AC issue they magically had a Gilly House available and we decided to take that.

The Gilly House was a small 2 bedroom home from the early 1930’s that had been renovated. Kitchen with everything except a stove, a living area and 1 bathroom. One bedroom even had a sitting room/sun room. They would have been good except for the internet was spotty, and when you entertain yourself after the kids go to bed with shows online this isn’t a good thing. Also, our last night there they apparently hadn’t changed their system accordingly and were barged in on by a manager who decided she could just walk right in. You’d think seeing our stuff in the living room she would exit instead of roaming the house looking for the people. They said they had tried to call but we had gotten no calls, and there was no attempt to knock or ring the doorbell. Needless to say I was a little miffed.

We go back and forth about whether or not we would stay at a military lodging facility again. We’ve stayed at other places before, and they’re “ok” on the scale of hotels, unfortunately the price can’t be beat and for a family who’s wanting to save money on traveling their price is almost too good to pass up.

Here are some pictures from our little Gilly House, which would have been really nice except for the shoddy internet (which worked fine in the main building when we were there) and the barging in of the management.


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