Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach

It has been AGES since I’ve been to the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific. I went a couple times in college, usually on a date with someone new but haven’t been back since then. It was really nice to take the family and enjoy it with the husband and kids. We opted to start driving back to Monterey on a Friday afternoon and after visiting some friends we hadn’t seen since before Alex was born we made our way over to Long Beach.

This is a great aquarium, very comparable to the Monterey Bay Aquarium with some of the same animals but I believe it is a little bit bigger. They have many touch pools, sea lions, otters, and areas set up for the different oceans. They even have a splash pad and lorikeets in their outside area.

Our kids love aquariums, especially the touch pools. We had fun grabbing a snack, seeing the animals and taking a break before we drove up the coast to stay for the night (at Pt. Mugu Navy Inn, which we had another bad experience with but I’m not in the mood to blog about…needless to stay we probably won’t be staying at military Inns in the future).

Here are a few pictures from our short visit to the aquarium, we didn’t stay too long but it was a nice short stop after Nomadic Sons nap before we headed up the coast.


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