Legoland San Diego

I think this was probably my favorite part of our trip down south. Nomadic Son had never been to an amusement park and Nomadic Daughter wouldn’t remember the few times we took her to Disney when we lived in Florida, she was just a wee baby. We are fortunate enough to have great discount programs through MWR being military. We get discount tickets that are even better than the military discount at the gate if we go in to our local ITT office (tours/tickets/travel/etc).

We decided to go to Legoland because they had rides that Nomadic Daughter could do as well as Nomadic Son. Nomadic Daughter is just over 36 inches and was excited to go on some of the “big kid rides”. Though, after telling her a few times she was a little too small to go on the huge roller coaster we convinced her the others would be just as good.

Everyone had such a good time. Rides, and time with family! There was really something for everyone, and when the kids got tired of riding rides they got to run around the splash park to cool off. I loved seeing everything that they had created with Legos, it was amazing! I’m usually not one for theme parks anymore because of the crowds and the heat and the crowds, but we found Legoland to not be too bad. I think it was because it was still summer but local schools were starting or already had started back for the year.

Here are some pictures of our visit, Nomadic Daughter keeps asking to go back. Hopefully next year Nomadic Son will be tall enough for all of the rides.


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