March Field Air Museum

One of the first places we went while visiting Nomadic Husbands family was the March Field Air Museum. They live about 10 min away, and since we have a couple of kids that love anything aviation related it seemed like a good first stop. Easy, close, and something everyone would enjoy.

March ARB used to be an active base, but now is used for reserve units. They also have some commercial cargo carriers flying out as well, but mostly military. The kids love seeing the KC-135, and C-17s taking off and doing touch and gos from their grandparents house. Nomadic Daughter always used to point out the P-3s and helos when we lived in Jacksonville, so being in Monterey where there isn’t much military aircraft to be seen, this was a treat for her.

Even at 10am it was *hot* down in Riverside. Monterey was still seeing max temps in the low 70s, so the heat and beating sun was a bit of a shock. We quickly discovered that Nomadic Son’s hat didn’t fit him anymore and Nomadic Daughter got tired of the heat very fast. We browsed the static display aircraft outside for a bit, and got to watch some planes take off from the base. We then explored inside the museum where the kids got to sit in ejection seats, try on uniforms and play with the flight simulators.

I definitely recommend going here if you’re in the area. The museum is a nonprofit and all the people working there are volunteers who are quick to give you the best advice on how to best tour the museum. They have a small gift shop, and the kids got to pick out an aircraft to take home. Nomadic Daughter chose a Navy F-4 and Nomadic Son chose a Coast Guard C-130 that had to be assembled, and even after gluing was shortly ripped apart. The wings (missing the props) now reside in the kitchen and the fuselage is somewhere in the playroom. They were fun while they lasted!

Check out some of our pictures!


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