Halloween was fairly warm (well, warmer than it is now!) this year and it was the first year the kids got to go to a Halloween party and trick-or-treating.

The party was so much fun, hosted at a friends house who has this amazing backyard that is just waiting for kids to come play. Big trees with open space too, lots of places for adventure. There was a pumpkin hunt, snacks, and a puppet show. Such a good time, and we even pulled off the planning in less than a week.

After the party we headed back to our neighborhood so the kids could go to a few houses and go trick-or-treating. They had a good time ringing door bells and trying to go *in* to the homes. Our neighbors went along with their son who is around Little A’s age. We got the kids little gifts to exchange their candy for since we don’t eat commercial candy. Big A got a small wool bendy ballerina and Little A got a small flatbed truck with a car on it. Both were happy to trade their candy for a surprise in a box, hopefully that keeps up!

On to the costumes! Big A decided the Monday before Halloween that she no longer wanted to be a ballerina but a dancing flower. I ended up making her leggings with an attached skirt with a matching shirt in green and white stripes. She had felt leaves and petals to complete the look. Little A didn’t really know what was going on, so he wore our little flight suit we have and was a pilot sporting daddy’s khaki cover and patches.


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