Angelina Ballerina-The Musical

Nomadic Daughter was given tickets by Grandpa to Angelina Ballerina-The Musical for a holiday/birthday gift and last weekend we finally got a chance to see it (the tickets were purchased back in August, but we didn’t tell her until Thanksgiving).

The two of us had a girls day out, and it was much needed since the week of Thanksgiving and after had been a bit rocky with almost four year old challenges. We picked up a snack on the way, and got there a little bit early since I had no clue where anything was in Santa Cruz. Our tickets allowed us “gold” seating and after the show we got to meet the cast, which was probably the highlight of the day.

The show was cute. Lower budget (basically 2 sets that the cast moved themselves around the stage) compared to some of the touring Broadway shows I had seen, but it was the perfect length for her age. The sound was a little off on some of the shows, but these are adult problems and she didn’t even notice.

Nomadic Daughter clapped, squealed and danced in her seat. The music was catchy and we ended up buying the soundtrack to the original NY show to listen to on the way home (and we now listen to every time we get in the car…yaaaay…). She was so excited to actually meet the cast, especially Miss Mimi and Angelina. I might have had a few tears in my eyes seeing how excited she was to meet Angelina.

After the show we grabbed lunch in downtown Santa Cruz, a treat and she requested pancakes.

This was an amazing day and I’m so glad we got some quality time alone together.


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