Roaring Camp Railroad

Apparently November came and went and I have no idea what happened the first half of the month. The second half of the month was lots of fun with Thanksgiving and my dad visiting.

We finally were able to make it to to Felton to visit Roaring Camp Railroad, we’ve been wanting to go up for a while now but my dad loves trains and Thanksgiving seemed to be the perfect time.

Roaring Camp has a few special holiday trains, and because we don’t do santa at our house we elected to visit the holiday lights train. It took us up through the redwoods to the top of the mountain, we got to get out and walk among some decorated trees, grab some hot cider and head back down the mountain.

The kids really loved the train, but I think got a bit chilled and sleepy while riding through the trees. The conductor (engineer?) was great pointing out interesting facts along the way, and the kids loved seeing him jump from the train to switch the track so we could move up the mountain. Though, I think Grandpa loved it more than both of them, he’s a big train fan.

Here are some of our best shots from the trip. Glad we got a chance to take Grandpa, and finally making it up to Felton.


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