I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks already since his birthday. I meant to write on his birthday but time is always getting away from me, especially at night after the kids go to bed. I end up working on other projects and the next thing I know it’s been 6 months since my last blog post.

Alex’s birthday was low key, and just us family. We got balloons the night before (a tradition at our house) and set up the dining room table with all of his goodies. We got him a large wooden train as his gift, and I made him a crown (which was a little too small since I forgot to measure his head) and the obligatory birthday shirt. He was so excited when he walked out that morning and saw all the stuff on the table. I also made a coconut flour honey cake with chocolate coconut milk ice cream. This year we started a new tradition with a birthday spiral, ordering ornaments for each year and corresponding candles. For his first year we got him a palm tree for our time in Guam and for his second we got a train since he’s in love with trains. Arabella sang her rendition of “Happy Birthday” and he blew out his candles.

This mama shed a few happy tears, he’s become such a fun little guy to be with. He loves mimicking his sister which can be both good and bad, he wants to be just like her, it’s so sweet to see. He is a whiz at sound effects and loves sounding like a train, helicopter, plane, pretty much any vehicle. Alex loves to snuggle and give hugs, and will try his hardest to get you to smile.

I really love this little guy, I can’t help but smile and laugh when I look at him. He really adds a level of fun that we really needed in our family. I can’t wait to see how he grows and comes more into his own next year.


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