I’m a little late again with the birthday post, but I had a few moments in our new routine to do some blogging.

Last week my oldest turned four. I cannot fathom where the last 4 years have gone. The saying rings true, “the days are long, but the years are short”. Four years ago I became a mama, but it feels like I’ve been doing this forever. Things feel so comfortable, and I cannot imagine doing anything else besides this.

Arabella is amazing, just truly amazing. Her heart is so full of love for her family and friends, she is thoughtful (most of the time, she is only 4), caring, considerate and gentle. She’s almost always in a good mood, singing and dancing her way through the day. I don’t think 5 minutes goes by where she isn’t singing or making up a new song or dancing. Even when she does stuff she isn’t supposed to, she makes a song out of it. Overheard in the shower (she was in there with Alex) “I hit Alex in the head with the washcloth..lalala…he didn’t like it but I did it anyway…lalala”. They might fight (most days it’s a 95/5 mix of getting along and fighting), but they’re quick to make up and she’s quick to draw him back in to her and make him feel better.

We’ve taken a step back from heavy homeschool preschool so she can have more time to learn through play. I have no worries that she’ll excel in anything she wants to do, and I needed to take a step back at how I was approaching homeschool (being the type A that I am). She’s so incredibly smart. I can’t wait to see where life takes her.

My girl.



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