Ordinary Days

I think the reason I tend not to blog much is because most of our days are ordinary days. And ever since January rolled around I’ve been forever thankful for the ordinary days to return after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. I feel like when November 1 comes the streets and stores get busy. Being an INFJ (or an INTJ depending on the day/test/etc) I’m very much an introvert and just don’t like being around a lot of people, the holidays tend to be more stressful just because I have to complete normal tasks with the presence of the hoards that come out of the woodwork during the holidays.

We’ve been settling into a nice rhythm since the beginning of the year. Big A has started piano regularly with our neighbor. We lucked into some great neighbors here, and one is another Navy spouse who is a musician. We trade piano for childcare which really works out since her little boy is just a couple months younger than Little A. Ballet is happening again, and this time on Saturday which gives us a nice stable start to the weekend. Normally weekends were just here and there, but I love having this set thing to do on Saturday morning.

Not only do we have our rhythm for the weeks but we’ve evolved our daily rhythm to include a time for everyone to clean up. Everyone helps and I find it takes the pressure off me when it comes to the toys. We don’t have many, but the kids are responsible for cleaning up the living room, playroom and dining room. They even help sweep with kids sized broom and dust pan, and wipe down things for me.  We’ve also instituted a quiet time in the afternoon. I’m not sure which I’ve come to love more, clean up or quiet time. Little A has stopped napping at home and quiet time is just what everyone needs to have a little time to relax.

I love the ordinary days, these are the days that make up the life we have. I know the kids love these days too, the rhythm and the security of knowing what will happen next.




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