CLEP Exam…or “Almost there”

Yesterday I completed my last course prerequisite to sit for the IBCLC exam. I passed, though, just barely but all I needed to do was pass the Human Growth and Development CLEP.

Now I just need to wait for our tax return to come so I can register for the last few lactation classes, and pay the hefty fee to register for the exam ($660!!!). Then the waiting game begins, I’ll need to wait and see if I was accepted to sit for the exam and also have my fingers crossed that I don’t get audited. I would have fulfilled all of the requirements but getting audited means getting all of my transcripts/paperwork together and sent in so they can verify my eligibility.

If all goes well I’ll spend the next 3.5 months (approx April~mid July) studying for the exam that takes place at the end of July. THEN waiting until October to find out the results. All of that to put the letters IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) after my name.

All of that, and I may be starting a masters program in Holistic Nutrition this fall. I work much better with a bunch going on.


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