Because I’m nuts.

Looks like come May I’ll be starting school again. Only part time since I have to study for the IBCLC exam, but I think this will help motivate me to study. I do best with a bunch of things to do and deadlines to meet. With no deadlines I’m less than productive.

So! In May I’ll be starting my master’s of science in holistic nutrition program. I’ll be going to ACHS (American College of Healthcare Sciences) and doing online work that will cumulate in a thesis that will hopefully earn me a MS. After that I’ll probably sit for the national board and so I can throw in CHN or CN (certified holistic nutritionist or certified nutritionist) after my name as well.

I’m looking forward to being able to incorporate this into my lactation practice, hoping to do not only in office visits pre/postnatally but also expand into doing distance consults via Skype/Facetime/etc. I’d like to help families with gut healing preconception into pregnancy and beyond. I’ve met and talked with so many families in our journey to healing our family that could have used help, especially when trying to breastfeed with things weren’t going right with their little babe gut-wise.

Right now I’m just trying to get all of my paperwork together, but I’ve been accepted into the program and now we’re making sure all of our GI benefits are going to transfer.

Very excited for this next chapter!


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