It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog, life has been going on like normal but there have been a few busy days here and there to add to the fun.

Early March we celebrated my husband’s promotion to Lieutenant Commander from Lieutenant. This is one of the bigger promotions in the Navy and we were excited to be able to share it with him. Last time he promoted, almost 7 years ago, I think it was 2007 he was deployed and I couldn’t be there for it. Now we’ve added 2 kids into the mix and it was a nice little ceremony.  I cried, I always do at things like this. He almost didn’t make it this far. We’re so glad he did.

During the ceremony he stated the oath, signed some documents and I got to pin on his new rank in place of the old.

The next milestone will be in June when the board meets for department head. This decides where we go next and the next stage of his Navy career.

Here are some pictures from the day!



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