Wild trip to the San Francisco Ballet

Last month I had planned to take Nomadic Daughter to the San Francisco Ballet’s rendition of Cinderella. We bought the tickets and she was looking forward to seeing it. I decided on a matinee since we’re an early to bed kind of family and the later it gets the crazier she gets.

Last year in June we traded our Jeep for an eleven year old Ford Explorer to try and save some money on car costs. When husband arrived in Monterey he did a little work on it and got it running in tip top shape. We had been debating on whether or not to flush the transmission because every now and then it would act a little funky. The day before we had taken it in for an oil change and a flush.

Driving up to the ballet the transmission ended up burning out from the gunk flushed from the service done the other day.  We ended up stuck on the side of the 101 just outside Gilroy while we waited for a tow to the local dealership.

Luckily our neighbors were around and let us use their second car. Husband came up and we all ended up traveling up to San Francisco together. Nomadic daughter and I went to the ballet and husband and son tootled around the city waiting for us.

We weren’t sure if they were going to be able to fix the car at a reasonable price, so the waiting game began.


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