New Car! 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe

We decided not to wait for the call on the Monday after the car broke down, mainly because we had a hunch that we would be needing a new car and we had found one that we really wanted. After spending all Saturday night, and Sunday researching we found a slightly used 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe in Orange County that had all the features we wanted. After not really liking the Jeep and settling for the Explorer to save some money we (well, *I*) wanted to drive something that *I* wanted and would have a good time being in.  This ended up being the Santa Fe.

Husband took his motorcycle up to Gilroy to test drive one on Sunday to make sure it was truly what we wanted, and because I couldn’t get up there myself I had to trust him, which isn’t an issue. He knows me better than I do. 🙂

We flew husband down early on Monday to Orange County, and the salesman from the dealership picked him up on his way into work. We went through USAA’s car buying service to get a good deal on the car, we’ve had good luck with them in the past, and really like the service. He spent the day buying the car, and waiting for all the paperwork and then drove it home that afternoon/evening.

Now that it’s been a month that we’ve had the car, I can say I still love it. We love love the huge panoramic sunroof, the convenience features (push button start, push button door locks, and the fact that I never have to get the key out of my purse to open and start the car), and the space. The middle seat is captains chairs which works well to access the third row, and when the third row is folded down there is a ton of room back there.

The next day after husband drove home with the new wheels we ended up leaving on our planned trip to Yosemite, just in time!